For B2B SaaS websites, continuity and cohesion are key. A lack of them causes the website to become a confusing mess — visually identical to thousands of other SaaS sites (pastel colours, vectors, etc.) that have also googled ‘best SaaS product pages design ideas’. All of this without a strategy for the customer journey, a content strategy, or an understanding of the requirements of customers at different stages of the funnel.

There are three main factors to consider when improving your best SaaS product pages (see: feature pages): page structure, images, and copy.

Ignoring any one of these three components could negatively affect the conversion performance of your items, leading to a number of further ramifications.

First, there are obvious effects, such as excessive bounce rates and low conversion rates. However, there are also less obvious effects like mistaking your PPC advertisements as the cause of the issue or having trouble getting your pages to rank in organic search results.

In the end, unoptimized SaaS product marketing may result in missed revenue targets and business loss to rivals with a much better website.

Throughout this article, we’ll go over a framework for enhancing the key elements of the best SaaS product pages out there.

Above the Fold Experience

This is the section of the web page that is immediately visible to visitors without having to scroll down. An efficient product page needs to provide answers to four questions in this section to keep their interest and ultimately lead to lead generation.

The opening section of your page should explain clearly to your primary audience:

  • Is this the product they’re looking for?
  • Can this product fulfill their needs and provide a solution to their issue?
  • Would buying this product be a wise investment for them?
  • What is the next step? (Hint: Call-to-Action)

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Detailed Features & Services

The following section of the page goes into greater detail and context for the features listed above the fold.

We recommend two things for this section:

  • Display the characteristics in the order of their use

Presenting them this way makes it simpler for prospective clients to visualize how your SaaS product will match their company’s workflow.

  • Use a “pro without con” approach whenever possible

This means leveraging a feature of your product as a “Pro” and then directly addressing the pain point it solves. This allows your visitors to directly visualize overcoming a potential large pain point for their business.

These subtle messaging nuances could mean the difference between a visitor converting and a visitor bouncing.

Build Trust with Banner

A well-crafted “above the fold” experience can address a number of issues clients may have, but most of them are still likely to need further reassurance that your product is the real deal. Social proof is a core tendency of a human being. If a prospective client sees a bunch of company names they recognize on a list of “clients served” by you, they are more likely to invest their trust and capital in your product.

Choose a thoughtful mix of clients to showcase, instead of just your most impressive ones. Include start-ups and other small-to-mid-sized businesses in your display roll, and it will seem much more inclusive to all sorts of clients at different stages of development.

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Call to Action – the Return

A call to action is a crucial component of every webpage. Links and buttons with a call to action serve as checkpoints, directing users on what to do next. Users may struggle to see the path to purchasing a product or joining up for a service if there are no obvious CTAs.

  • Reduce decision-fatigue

Simplify user experience and journey by mentioning exactly what to do and how to do it.

  • Direct your audience

Reduce the likelihood of your visitors leaving your page because they are confused or overwhelmed.

  • Increase conversions

More people who follow your CTAs will result in more leads, clients, and prospects for your company.

The best SaaS product pages are unquestionable in their importance for any B2B SaaS website.

Any B2B SaaS company that wants to succeed or keep succeeding must give its homepage, purchase page, and the rest of its main website pages the same amount of attention as a product page. That is to say that every section on every page should serve a distinct purpose, and must be paid the deserving attention during curation.

If you incorporate the elements and ideas listed above, develop a sound strategy, and devote the appropriate resources towards it, a healthy return on investments is very much within the realms of possibility. If you want more tips, advice, or simply want us to build a highly-optimized website for you, reach out to us at Alter at +91 99864 60086 or email us at [email protected] and book a consult today!

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