In these turbulent times, where it is hard to predict what the technological landscape will look like even a year from now, digital marketing agencies are proving to be highly popular in the SaaS circles. One of their specialties is adapting to the market changes and trends and ensuring the company finds itself on the right side of history. This makes it critical that a SaaS company picks an agency with a structure that holds up against these challenges and suits their requirements to a T.


Are you apprehensive about outsourcing your marketing department? Let us talk about at least 9 factors that determine if a SaaS digital marketing agency’s structure is suitable:


  • The level of expertise of the digital marketing agency

Digital marketing for a SaaS company is often a tandem of multiple creative talents that determine the performance of a campaign. From designers to content writers to digital artists, not to mention organic marketers and sales reps- everyone creates a tangible value towards a singular goal in a digital marketing agency structure. It is vital that these individuals or groups of individuals are adept at what they do, at least up to the market standards, so your SaaS company can generate more leads, conversions, sales, etc.


  • The profile of clients they often work with

For every industry, there is a certain fundamental understanding of the niche that often only comes from the experience of engaging in the same field. Having foundational knowledge about the unique aspects and offerings of the industry is crucial for finding success on a bigger scale. Before you put pen to paper, ensure that the agency you hire has prior SaaS experience and is well-equipped to handle the challenges of your industry.


  • The scale of operations and potential future growth

A Fortune 500 SaaS company’s scale of operations far exceeds the capabilities of an up-and-coming agency with room to grow. And inversely, a mid-level SaaS company may not be able to afford the services of a giant marketing agency.


When considering your options, factor in the scale of growth of your own company in the short to medium-term future, and ensure it matches with the growth trajectory of the agency.


  • B2B or B2C?

Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) are two distinct modes by which businesses tend to market themselves. The primary distinction is who you are selling to. For B2B enterprises, you often aim for the “decision-makers” at companies, while B2C puts focus on the end-user.


Choosing an agency that specializes in one of the two areas can benefit your total marketing plan and help your company reach the desired outcomes.


  • The use of metrics, KPIs, and the measurement of success

Success is measured in a variety of ways by each agency. It can be measured by search traffic, keyword strength, SERP ranking, etc. As a SaaS owner, you must be clear in your approach about your goals, and what you wish to achieve out of this journey, be it more clicks, conversions, traffic, leads, etc. Define a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) with your agencies that accurately reflect the scale of achievements over a period of time, also providing insights for potential improvement.


  • Business relationship, values, and the level of oversight

Every organization in the world, be it a SaaS agency or a crime syndicate, reflects the values of its leadership group. Some agencies want their clients to be highly involved, while others prefer a bit more autonomy to do what they believe is best. And likewise, your own company will espouse certain values and have a way of doing things.


Be upfront about your expectations in terms of your relationship with them, your level of involvement, and the degree of oversight.


  • Credibility and case studies

Thoroughly vetting an agency’s past work will offer you a sense of the work they would do for your company. Case studies and client stories will allow you to filter out the agencies whose work does not align with yours, be it in terms of style, quality, or standards.


Any credible agency will grasp at the opportunity to showcase its talents. Steer clear of agencies that seem to avoid showcasing their work, it is often a sign of a lack of confidence in their own qualities.


  • Billing, payment, and budget terms

First of all, as a SaaS company, you absolutely must have a set budget for your marketing activities. Next, you want to ensure that you squeeze every single penny out for as many leads, clicks, or conversions as possible.


Depending on the scope of your marketing requirements, hire an agency that bills you on hours worked, or on a per-project basis. There may be a monthly budget for social media ads, email campaigns, website redesign, and more. Before hiring an agency, ask them to break it down for you and give you an estimate of how much your project is likely to cost.


Hiring a digital marketing agency for your SaaS company could be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Or, it could be one of the worst. Take your time, do your research before committing, and reap the rewards that you dream about. Speaking of making dreams come true, here at Alter we have an immaculate and extensive structure in place for a SaaS company to fulfill its digital marketing aspirations. Drop us a message at [email protected] or call us at +91 99864 60086 for a free consult.

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