Developing a website that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing is certainly not a walk in the park. It asks for a lot of time, energy, and ingenuity, and even then it may not end up satisfying the visitors.


It’s easy to question your efforts in times like these, but all is not lost just yet. Building the website of your vision is very much possible, and calls for the use of certain fundamental elements and ideas:


Let’s take a look at 6 of the most important:


1. Branding consistency

A company’s brand consistency refers to how it communicates messages that are consistent with its fundamental values, vision statement, customer experience, and brand identity elements. It alludes to how “on-brand” your company’s marketing content is in terms of its brand identity and guidelines. Your brand’s consistency ensures that it can be recognized across all marketing platforms and touchpoints, resulting in unified brand identity and experience for both current and potential customers.

This recognition begins with your SaaS website design and content, which makes it imperative to optimize it in such a way that creates a lasting impact on your visitors, as well as provides a pleasing and straightforward user experience.


2. Be clear about your services and offerings

Talk about your product straightaway — how it targets your visitors’ problems and helps solve them. This is about building your company’s value proposition. It is essentially a condensed version of an elevator pitch. Showcase your offerings as well as what makes your version of the service better than other providers in as few words as possible. Highlight the benefits of your product more than its features.

This is not especially easy, since SaaS companies often offer a wide array of services. Emphasize your strong suits. If you have more than one, use the A/B testing method to determine which one is more enticing to your visitors based on conversion metrics.


3. Provide social proof

People follow what other people do. It’s as simple as that. Products with more reviews on Amazon sell more, and a crowded street food stall immediately makes it more attractive. It’s just human nature.


Don’t shy away from showing off the repertoire of clients you’ve worked with in the past and have benefitted from your services. Provide case studies, statistics, and social proof about the results of working with your company. Even if you’re relatively new and do not have previous clients to show off, focus on problem-solving instances with local and in-house projects, so that prospective clients know that you know what you’re talking about.


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4. Display thought leadership

Thought leadership is a strategy used by content marketers to gain credibility for themselves or their company. Be acknowledged as an authority in your industry and heralded as the go-to resource. Create and promote instructive, helpful content and be a part of the industry community, and guide them to your website, optimized content to showcase you as an industry leader.


5. Provide value-addition as content

The basic mantra is you have to give something to get something back. If you want customers to reach out to you and avail of your services, you have to first provide resource materials that give them a teaser of what your company is all about.

It could be anything from a free trial of your services, to a free demo, or even a chunk of the ebook you wrote in your field of expertise. This is bound to find success, with research showing that one in four trial users come back for more and often convert to a paid subscription. This is also a good opportunity for you to obtain basic contact information such as email address, phone number, company name, etc. from your clients in return for providing the free content.


6. Provide contact info and a clear CTA

Not everyone who visits your website will take the time to look for your “Contact Us” button. You’re bound to lose some clients if they’re hard to find. Hence, it’s important that you display your phone number or other contact information right on the homepage, designed in a way that is eye-catching.

Now a simple “Contact Us” button will not bring you as many clients as you’d hope for. It needs a Call-to-Action (CTA) along with it, to urge people to click on the button and actually reach out to you. Make the CTA as clear and concise as possible, to push people so people know exactly what they need to do as the next step.


As we said, building a functional yet eye-catching website for your SaaS company is quite challenging. The bar has been raised in recent years, and a subpar website simply won’t do.


But if you incorporate the elements and ideas listed above, develop a sound strategy, and devote the appropriate resources towards it, a healthy return on investments is very much within the realms of possibility. If you want more tips, advice, or simply want us to build a highly-optimized website for you, reach out to us at Alter at +91 99864 60086 or at [email protected] and book a consultation today!

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