Linkedin is one of the most effective lead-generating channels when it comes to digital marketing for SaaS companies. And yet, especially in B2B SaaS spaces, we hear complaints about LinkedIn ads for SaaS strategies returning with underwhelming results.


So what is it that’s going wrong? Are there ways to tweak the tactics for B2B LinkedIn ads and get better results?


Let’s start with the reasons why your LinkedIn ads for SaaS companies may be underperforming:

There are 3 major areas B2B SaaS companies tend to bungle up:

  1. Budgeting
  2. Targeting
  3. Content 


Let’s go over each one of them in detail:


1. Budgeting for B2B LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn demands a bigger budget for success than most other platforms. If you spend on it as you do for google ad campaigns, the results are bound to be subpar in terms of leads. But, luckily for you, this is not a big worry.

LinkedIn leads are inherently much more qualitative than any other platform, even if they don’t match up in quantities. Thus, your ultimate cost per acquisition will be the same, if not better, than other platforms. This is why, when it comes to LinkedIn ads for SaaS, measuring lead quality is much more important than the number of leads. Optimize your budget to get more high-quality leads than focusing on the number of leads to make the best out of LinkedIn.


2. Targeting the wrong people

When it comes to targeting, one of the most common errors is companies being overly specific. If you want to target, say, restaurant owners, for example, you may direct LinkedIn to only show your ad to those with that specific job description.

But then what about restaurant managers? Or the CEO or director of a restaurant chain? There is a myriad of job titles that could fit into the category of your clientele. Give LinkedIn the room to cast a wider net in order to reach more potential clients. This enables LinkedIn to show your ads in specific spaces for a bunch of job titles.


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3. Don’t oversell with the content

You see it all the time. Businesses often go over the top with the approach for their LinkedIn ads for SaaS and try to make a hard sell with their content. The tone of your ads must match the mindset of the prospective clients on LinkedIn who are not usually in a buying mindset. More often than not they are networking, browsing, or researching their industry sector. A hard-selling attempt, in this case, may drive away a potential client who wasn’t looking to make a buying decision yet.

B2B marketers often get this wrong with the idea that LinkedIn being a “professional” social media, people are ready to get down to business straightaway. But it turns out that the softer, trust-building approach of providing thought-leadership content or simply addressing potential client problems can get you more qualified leads.


Is it just about money, targets, and content when it comes to finding success for B2B LinkedIn ads?


The answer is NO! Digital marketing for SaaS companies is an ever-evolving discipline, and there’s always room for improvement. Here are some more ways to improve the performance of your LinkedIn ads for SaaS companies:


  • Develop content to match potential client requirements
  • Create a landing page and develop a sales funnel
  • Provide clear CTAs and ways to contact you
  • Constantly monitor LinkedIn ads performance


LinkedIn is the go-to channel for more than half of the B2B SaaS companies out there. You could be losing out on a big opportunity if you neglect LinkedIn.


And if your experience so far has been underwhelming, it’s not all doom and gloom. Go back and address the core issues of your strategy with the help of this guide and hopefully you find yourself on track again.


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