Sometimes you have a product that not many people want but is still somehow quite popular. On the flip side, sometimes your product can solve a problem that a large number of people face, and yet performs underwhelmingly when it comes to sales, often due to underwhelming SaaS digital marketing techniques.


There could be several other reasons for this variance, from wrong market targetting to unimpressive showcasing of solutions. You must figure out where in your sales funnel are you going wrong, lest you start looking for solutions for a problem that doesn’t exist.


One way is to find out if your product and the problem it solves, are popular on Google. Not sure how to do that? Allow us to walk you through in 3 simple steps:


  • Study Your Company’s Data Points

Start by looking at the data on your own company’s marketing campaigns. Go over different marketing techniques like google ads, social media responses, email campaigns, etc., and identify areas that need special focus.


A key indicator of digital marketing for SaaS companies is to see how far through the sales funnel are your customers getting. Are more people backing off right before the conversion stage? Or are you simply unable to find people to even go through it? If it’s the former, it’s your product marketing that might need tinkering, and the latter means your target customers do not relate to the pain points you’re trying to solve.


  • Look for Related Terms and Keywords

Understanding what the people are talking about concerning your product, your industry, the pain points, etc. is a great way to gauge where you stand in the market. Do some SEO analysis, find out relevant keywords in your domain, use services like AnswerThePublic, HubSpot, Google Analytics, SemRush, and a lot more. This data allows you to compare your product’s offerings with the market’s demands, and find ways to align it with the public’s needs and wants.


  • Spy on Your Competitors

One of the more overlooked, but potentially enlightening methods, is to keep an eye on what your direct competitors are up to. Experience is a big factor, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be your own. Study companies with similar business models, their marketing strategies, and how they turned out. Of course, no two companies are exactly similar, so space must be left for nuance and outliers when conducting such research.


Once you understand where your problems lie, you can start trying to improve upon them. If it’s your product, you may need to go back to the drawing board to find a solution. But for problems with marketing strategies, there are at least 3 ways that can instantly improve your performance.


Create a Google Ads Marketing Funnel

Google Ads, like it or not, is the dominating player when it comes to targeted paid advertisements. If you haven’t already, start marketing your company and product with Google Ads using short advertisements, videos, and display ads on the search engine. Google scans its database to display the most suitable ads whenever a user searches a keyword. Google Ads has SaaS customer success metrics and tips to improve your quality score, which in turn boosts the click-through rate, building brand awareness while simultaneously driving traffic to your website.


Retarget and Remarket in the Right Places

Oftentimes it so happens that a potential customer is on a sales journey to conversion but is interrupted midway for any number of reasons. This is where remarketing is a vital process, because it brings into contention people who may have fallen through the sales funnel before completion. Remarketing also allows your SaaS product another chance to make an impression with a higher quality ad than before. Google Ads is extremely helpful in targeting the right demographics for your product, as well as collecting valuable data based on performance.


Keep on Tracking and Comparing

The ads business is dynamic. And so is the SaaS industry competitive. The only way to remain successful is to constantly improve and stay updated with new trends and competition. Keep tracking key SaaS customer metrics such as click-through rates (CTR), customer lifetime value (CLV), customer acquisition costs (CAC), traffic numbers, and more that you will find on different platforms like Google Ads, Google search console, Google analytics, etc. Also, keep a keen eye on trends in your SaaS domain, and ensure your offerings match the market demand.


Remember, it’s not enough to have the best product in the market if people don’t know about it. That’s where elite marketing practices come into the picture. And that’s where we (Alter Marketing) come into our own. Our team of experienced and proficient marketers, along with multiple teams of talented individuals, is primed to take your marketing efforts to the next level.


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