Human beings inherently resist any sort of sudden change. As Darwin said, we tend to take a few generations to evolve and adapt to our new conditions. But then his natural selection theory also spoke about the survival of the fittest. The point here is that evolving with time is a key component of survival, in every walk of human existence. Even strategies of digital marketing for SaaS companies.


Quite often, SaaS companies put some strategies in place that churn out a relatively decent ROI and then tend to put their feet up. They do this without realizing that SaaS digital marketing is as dynamic a field as any, especially in terms of new technology, upgrades, and trends. As a SaaS business owner, you need to hold your marketing department accountable for their performance, and not let them settle into a comfort zone delivering average results, bordering on mediocre.


Reasons for a SaaS company’s marketing strategies to resist change


  • Comfort zone conundrum

As already touched upon, it is a natural human tendency to settle into a comfort zone once they achieve the bare minimum, and your marketing department is likely no exception.


  • Lack of results analysis

If you do not scrutinize the outcome of each strategy, you will fail to see the room for improvement, as well as miss out on the potential drive of achieving positive results.


  • Future potential blindness

If you do not see the heights your company can achieve with marketing, you will not put in the necessary efforts and the marketing strategies will stagnate.


  • Unwillingness to adapt dynamism

SaaS digital marketing is a dynamic field, and if you keep using the same strategies over and over, their effectiveness will plateau. Keeping up with the latest trends and technologies is vital for consistent growth.


  • Insufficient funding and/or infrastructure

Often, the problem is not desire or ambition on your marketing department’s part, but the lack of resources and infrastructure to scale your SaaS company.


To avoid this stagnation and to ensure that your SaaS marketing strategies remain fresh and effective, you as a SaaS owner may need to ask yourselves some key questions.


5 big questions you need to ask yourself as a SaaS owner about marketing performance:


  • Are the marketing goals being consistently met? And how ambitious are these goals?

One of the first questions you need to ask of your own company is if the marketing goals are actually being met. If not, find out why. Study the performance reports and figure out if the reasons are fundamental issues with the strategies or just outliers. And even if the goals are being met, it does not always mean a positive performance. Often the goals are set way below the potential standard, providing a false sense of positivity surrounding the results. It is necessary for companies to gauge the potential for growth with comprehensive marketing strategies and set goals accordingly.


  • What are your marketing plans in place for the upcoming year?

The world around us has been quite turbulent lately, and it is absolutely vital to focus on the present. But for SaaS digital marketing, it is necessary to look ahead at least about a year or so and have a realistic and tangible vision for the company’s market standing. A lot of strategies are medium to long term in nature, making it almost imperative for companies to project about a year-long journey. A competent SaaS marketing department will have mapped out specific targets to hit in relation to each marketing channel as well as the overall ROI a year from now.


  • What are the latest updates and techniques you have implemented to maximize our returns?

Another key indicator of potential progress and growth is the scale of new techniques and technologies employed in the marketing processes. A quick look at the difference in techniques from over a year or two ago, to the present, should tell you all you need to know about the company’s enthusiasm, or lack thereof, towards the latest techniques. A top-class marketing department does not shy away from experimenting with new ideas, learns from its mistakes, and primes itself to go again armed with the wisdom that comes from experience.

  • How updated are you about the latest trends, tools, and technologies out there to achieve better performances?

Digital marketing for SaaS companies is quite complex by its own volition. To give your company the best chance of success, you must start collecting as much knowledge about the latest trends, newest tools, and reforming technologies as possible. Reading industry blogs, following SaaS marketing experts, subscribing to various newsletters, and keeping an eye on direct competitors are a few ways you can make sure to not get left behind.


  • How aligned are your colleagues in different teams regarding a singular marketing objective?

Even though a SaaS marketing department may comprise a number of teams working on different strategies, it is essential that each member is keenly aware of the brand identity of your SaaS company. Not just that, each member must realize the scope of the work they’re doing, and the goals they’re working towards. To ensure this, your company must conduct an internal onboarding process apprising individuals of their roles, as well as establishing open communication channels within the company.


The problem is that ensuring all these wheels keep turning smoothly and sustainably requires a large amount of manpower. SaaS owners are already stretched thin with a tonne of responsibilities without adding marketing to that list. But that doesn’t mean it should be neglected. Charles Darwin would not be best pleased if he saw the evolution of your SaaS company stagnate. Reach out to the well-informed, ambitious, and hard-working team of talented individuals at Alter, and steer clear of mediocrity. Drop us a message at [email protected] or call us at +91 99864 60086 for a free consult

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