Spoiler alert: Your SEO strategies aren’t failing because Larry Page at Google has some vendetta against you (unless you’re Uber). The more likely fact is that your SEO strategy for SaaS B2B company is not up to the mark.


Any combination of factors, such as the lack of effective communication, underwhelming target marketing, or the lack of an established brand guide, may be responsible. The important question is – how do you know that you’re going wrong, and what can you do about it?


The answer? You start by measuring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) when it comes to SEO for SaaS. Let’s help you out. Check out 8 of the most important KPIs that are driving your SEO strategy for Saa down the drain.


  • Low ROI

Return on Investment (ROI) is a metric that can be used to evaluate all of your marketing activities. Find out if your net income is worth the money you spent curating the SEO optimized content including writers, SEO specialists, and the time-cost ratio of the exercise.


The formula for calculating your ROI percentage is simple:

(Revenue Earned – Investment Costs) / Investment Costs


It’s worth noting that this parameter is often negative at first. However, with a smart SaaS SEO guide in place, the numbers should turn positive soon enough.


  • Futile Website Visits

Visits are great. But while they are necessary, it is a fallacy to believe that simply attracting traffic will lead to conversions. Simply looking to increase visits may, in fact, have detrimental effects because of focusing on modifying content to appease search engines at the expense of genuine quality.


Keep in mind that your content strategy is only as good as the products and solutions you offer. Only then the visits may lead further down the sales funnel.


  • Low Organic Click-Through Rate

CTR measures the ratio of the number of link clicks to the number of people who saw the search results. Basically, high CTR = more traffic!


People often make the mistake of ignoring this KPI while focusing on traffic and rankings. Sometimes, the search console shows positive impressions for a few keywords, and the average position isn’t too bad either. And yet, the CTR is underwhelming in a lot of cases, likely due to the fact that your search snippets are not appealing enough.


  • Bad Conversion to Revenue Ratio

Let’s be honest. Your ultimate end goal is to make money through your SaaS products. One way of doing this is to track the number of organic leads or visitors that convert to actual sales. This allows you to refer to the quality of specific content in comparison to others, and rectify poor content performance. A page that brings in a lot of traffic but falls short of taking the user to the next stage of the sales funnel is not what you want.


  • Lower SERP Ranking

SERP ranking refers to a Search Engine Results Page Ranking. The visibility of your results indicates how often your domain appears for the search queries it ranks for.


Ideally, your ultimate goal should be to reach the top 10 SERP rankings for your keywords, which will display your domain on the first page. This KPI is one of the direct results of the SEO-based activity for your content. 


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  • High Bounce Rate

As the name likely suggests, bounce rate refers to the ratio or percentage of visitors who left the web page without any action.


This is yet another important parameter that search engines use as a ranking element. An average bounce rate should be between 40% and 60%, depending on your business. If the percentage is excessively high, the page is likely to be ranking for unrelated to the search query or the design and content on the page is poor.


  • Unbalanced Branded & Category Keyword Ranking

The traffic that originates from users searching for terms that include your company name is known as branded traffic. Branded traffic should be your primary KPI if brand recognition is crucial to your company (and it should be).


There must be a balance of traffic originating from branded keywords and category keywords. If the latter is more dominating, it often means that your brand awareness among people is lower than expected. Because people searching for branded keywords already know what they want, this form of traffic has some of the highest conversion rates.


KPIs are only valuable if they’re used wisely. Collect and analyze your data, and use them to improve KPI metrics, which will lead to greater returns. We, at Alter Marketing Solutions, employ a marketing team of highly proficient number-crunchers that come up with the best, personalized SEO strategies for your SaaS organization. Get on a call with us at +91 99864 60086 or email us at [email protected] and book a consult today!


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